Who are We?

Fluvannna Community Church

We are a friendly, pro-family fellowship devoted to God, one another, and our local community in Christian love. We are interested in reaching our area, as well as the entire world, with the truth of God and His Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit. This interest is expressed by the support of many missions, by helping individuals and churches locally, and community out reaches such as Pre-school, Vacation Bible School, Kids Power Company, The Power Outlet Youth Center, and participation in the Chautauqua Pastors' Revival Network.

Fluvannna Community Church's Staff

Reverend Dayle F. Keefer, Senior Pastor

Dayle received his Bachelors Degree from Buffalo Bible Institute and Houghton College, and was Called to F.C.C. October of 1976. He married Judy Hazen in 1973 and they have four children and four grandchildren.

Pastor Richard D. Keefer, Assistant Pastor

Ric attended Fort Wayne Bible College from 1970 to 1971. He majored in missions and communication and was called to F.C.C. in August of 1988. He and Dawn Hazen were married in 1974 and have three children and three grandchildren.

Pastor Robert Collinge, Family Pastor

As our newest member of our staff Bob serves as Family Pastor. He, his wife Susan, and daughter, Phoebe, joined us in November of 2012.

The Harvest is Plenteous